Four Common Questions about Stump Grinding in Orlando

Four Common Questions about Stump Grinding in Orlando

Four Common Questions about Stump Grinding in Orlando

Are you looking to have some of your tree stumps grinded to be fully removed from your yard?  Stump grinding in Orlando is a manageable way to eliminate a tree stump from your yard without needing to extract the roots.  This way, the eyesore the tree stumps creates will no longer be any issue.  However, before you invest in stump grinding, you'll want to understand what it entails.  We've answered a few of your common questions about stump grinding to help you out.

What happens to the roots that are left behind?

We aim to grind the stump until there is no longer a stump present.  This depth differs depending on the type of tree you have.  After you grind the stump down until it is no longer there, the roots will eventually die and deteriorate over time.  The roots will essentially decompose and become a part of the soil, which ensures that no hole or vacuum is left behind.

Is it possible to replant a tree or other landscaping where the old tree was?

After stump grinding is performed, it is possible to plant new trees in the existing location, but it is not recommended.  Most likely, homeowners remove these trees because they are diseased, poorly located, or dying.  These reasons can indicate that the soil isn't nutritious for growing plants, or it can indicate that it is a difficult place for a tree to grow.  Also, the roots will require time to deteriorate, and they don't leave much room for new tree roots to expand.

Do I need to do anything after the tree stumps are grinded?

After the job is over, you will see sawdust left behind where the trunk once was.  It is typically your responsibility to use that sawdust to fill any holes that may be left behind after the job is done.  However, if you aren't interested in taking care of this, you can have your tree service in Orlando take care of it for you.  

How far down into the ground does stump grinding go?

Stump grinding isn't complete until the entire stump is gone.  This will depend on the size and type of tree that you are removing.  When it is a larger tree, like an oak or a sycamore, we will need to go further down to remove the entire stump.  However, smaller trees, like dogwoods or other ornamental trees, don't require as much grinding to fully remove.

These are some of the most common questions that many people ask about stump grinding.  When it comes time to have your stumps removed from your property, stump grinding is Orlando is the best way to take care of that job.  Contact us to schedule a free consultation for your landscaping needs today.

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