Should I Have My Tree Stump Grinded?

Should I Have My Tree Stump Grinded?

Should I Have My Tree Stump Grinded?

Have you recently cut down a tree in your yard to make room for a structure, prevent overgrowth, or remove diseases?  Even though it may look drastically different in your yard after you cut the tree down, you still find yourself wondering what to do with the stump.  If it's not in your way, you may be inclined to leave it in place.  However, leaving a stump in your yard could actually present issues in the long run.  There are a few reasons why you should consider getting stump grinding in Orlando when you cut down a tree in your yard.

Tree Stumps Can Lead to Insect Infestations

Whenever you leave a stump in your yard, it will begin to decompose over time.  Although this takes a long time, it can actually be a messy process that leaves your yard vulnerable to insect infestations.  Carpenter ants and other small organisms will aide in the decomposition process, but they will also create nests and habitats in and around the stump.  Termites and many other insects also enjoy feasting on wood, and eventually they might even make their way into the structure of your home.

Other Plants Grow on Tree Stumps

Many other plants will want to take up residence on the top of the tree trunk, which can lead to excessive growth of invasive plants.  Small trees often like to grow on top of tree stumps, along with fungi.  These can ultimately be dangerous to small children or pets, and they can require expensive chemicals for full removal.  Avoid this by having your stump grinded after you cut down any trees.

It Creates Safety Hazards

Leaving a tree stump in your yard may not seem like a big deal, but it can actually cause a dangerous safety hazard.  Most tree stumps are typically found in the middle of the property, since trees grow outward.  This can create a tripping hazard in a busy part of the yard.  Also, when you are cutting the gross or doing yard work around the stump, you can easily damage your yard equipment as well.

Tree Stumps Are Eyesores

Not only are tree stumps dangerous to leave in the ground, they are also unsightly.  This can detract from your overall curb appeal by creating eyesores on your property.  By having your tree stump grinded down, you can prevent any additional growth that can produce even more unsightly vegetation from growing in your yard.  You can also free up the space in your yard to designate to growing grass, planting a flower bed, or building a structure.

These are a few reasons why you want to consider grinding your stump to ensure that the tree is fully removed from your yard.   Cutting down trees may seem like a lengthy process, but with the help of Drinkwater Tree, it can be easy.  Our tree experts can take care of all your tree needs in a timely and affordable manner.  Contact us to hear about our tree removal and stump grinding in Orlando today.

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