Three Common Causes of Tree Stress and Death

Three Common Causes of Tree Stress and Death

Three Common Causes of Tree Stress and Death

Have you noticed that the trees in your yard are rotting, weak, or without any growth?  Trees are often stressed for many reasons, which can eventually lead to tree death.   This will require tree removal in Orlando that may be unwanted, as many homeowners love to have trees in their yard for a number of reasons.  From providing privacy and shade to increasing the appearance of your home, trees are great to have around.  However, when you tree suffers from disease or stress, it may require to be removed before the issue spreads to other vegetation or the tree becomes even more unsightly.  There are a few common causes of tree stress and death that you can look for.

Improper Tree Planting

Plating a tree incorrectly can have grave consequences.  Surprisingly, this is the leading cause of premature tree stress and death.  Many people assume that you can simply dig a big hole and plant your tree.  However, it's not that simple.  Many trees require a certain type of soil with proper nutrients, a proper depth, and the right amount of water over time.  Researching about your trees before you plant them will ensure that you follow the correct planting recommendations for that species.

Improper Tree Pruning

Not only does planting impact the growth of your tree, but pruning is critical as well.  Many plant owners over-prune or under-prune their trees.  It is also common to prune trees at the wrong time of the year.  These issues can lead to potential diseases and pest that can kill the trees.  A good rule of thumb is to only remove a third of the growth for deciduous trees and avoid over-pruning any evergreen trees, as this can stunt their growth.

Improper Grass Maintenance

Whenever you allow grass or other vegetation to grow too close to the tree trunk, you are putting your trees at risk for unnecessary injury.  This can include diseases that can spread from nearby vegetation and any lawn care issues that can destroy the trunk, roots, or lower branches.  Also, many people treat their lawn with fertilizer or other chemicals to promote growth and rid of insects.  These chemicals can sometimes stunt the growth of your trees, so you want to be sure to keep them at a distance when you disperse them over your grass.  Avoid planting grass near the trunks of your trees to spare yourself from this issues.

These are some of the main causes of tree stress and death, and this can lead to premature removal of trees from your property.  When you notice that your trees are suffering, dying, or diseased, you'll want to contact our tree removal in Orlando for the best service around.  Contact us to hear about our tree services today.

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