Three Issues that Indicate Your Tree May Be Dying

Three Issues that Indicate Your Tree May Be Dying

Three Issues that Indicate Your Tree May Be Dying

Have you noticed your tree trunk splitting or your branches easily falling off your trees?  When you start to notice issues with your trees, you will notice that they create eyesores for your property.  These may need to be dealt with in a variety of ways, from implementing care techniques to revive them to having them removed from the yard entirely.  You may also need stump removal in Orlando so that you can start fresh with a new tree.  To be sure that you are treating your trees with care, you should always trust the tree experts.  There are three issues that may indicate your tree is dying and you'll need to contact our professionals soon.

Trunk Issues

The trunk of your tree is essential in providing the entire tree with the support it needs to grow.  It is where the roots are supported as well.  If you begin to notice issues with your trunk, your tree's entire health will likely be compromised.  If you notice split trunks, holes, or growths that are on the tree trunk, your tree may be diseased or even already dead.  Once you notice issues on the trunk of the tree, it is likely that these issues have already spread to other areas of the tree, which will make remedies more difficult.

Branch Issues

Branch issues can range from leaves falling off the tree prematurely to branches being entirely bare of any leaves.  This can indicate that whatever is plaguing your tree has spread throughout each area of the tree.  If notice insect infestation, pest inhabitation, or rotted wood, you will want to contact a team of professionals to come out and diagnose these issues.  Sometimes some branch trimming can actually improve the overall health of the tree, if the disease hasn't already spread throughout the entire tree quite yet.

Bark Issues

When you have a healthy tree in your yard, you will be able to tell by looking at the bark.  A healthy tree typically has soft and flexible bark that can be detected with the eyes.  However, if you have been noticing that the bark on your tree is cracking or breaking off, this could indicate disease.  It may also be common to notice completely bald spots as well.  This indicates that the tree is not thriving and it might be time for tree removal.

These are three of the main issues that you'll notice signaling your tree may be suffering and in need of some proper care.  If you notice these issues on your trees, it may be time to consider tree removal.  Trust Drinkwater Tree, the experts in tree removal and stump grinding in Orlando, to perform any of your tree service needs.  Contact us to hear how we can help you today.

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