Tree Species that Shouldn't Be Planted Near a Swimming Pool

Tree Species that Shouldn't Be Planted Near a Swimming Pool

Tree Species that Shouldn't Be Planted Near a Swimming Pool

Are you looking to add privacy to your swimming pool by adding landscaping to its perimeter?  Shrubs, trees, flowers, and natural landscaping features are a great addition to any yard that provide both shade and privacy to your space.  However, when you are choosing trees to plant around your pool, you'll want to choose the right trees to avoid making the wrong decision and needing tree removal in Orlando.  When it comes time to choose trees for around your swimming pool, you'll want to avoid these tree species.

Palm Trees and Fruit Trees

It may seem fitting to plant a palm or fruit tree right next to your swimming pool, as it will add a tropical feeling to your space.  Fruit trees are also great if you want to grab a quick and refreshing snack when you are hanging by the pool.  However, these plants can actually stain your concrete or pavers, which can be more of an eyesore.  Also, these trees will cause more of a mess that will keep you constantly cleaning.  Many insects enjoy palm trees, and this will keep insects nagging you as you are trying to relax poolside.

Aspens, Willows, and Elm Trees

These two tree species have large and extensive root systems, and you'll want to keep these types of trees far from your swimming pool.  When the roots get close to your pool liner, they can infiltrate the area.  This will cause rugged bumps in the bottom of your pool, and it also makes your pool liner susceptible to holes, tears, and punctures.  They can also destroy any underground plumbing or electric near your pool.

Trees with Needles

Any evergreen trees that are needle-bearing should also be avoided.  These needles can be difficult to pick out of your pool, as the skimmer may let them filter through.  When this occurs, the needles can actually cause extensive damage to your pool pump.  Avoid this by keeping these needle-bearing trees far from the side of the pools.

Thorny Plants

Plants with thorns, such a rose bushes, holly trees, and cacti, should also be kept away from areas that people spend a lot of time enjoying.  When you have thorns near the pool, people will have to make the effort to avoid brushing up against them and getting pricked.  No matter how aesthetically pleasing these plants may feel in your space, you'll want to keep them away for practical reasons.

These are some tree species that you'll want to avoid planting around your swimming pool, because they will be detrimental to the space.  If you are looking to have work done in your yard, you'll want to trust our expert tree specialists for any services, including tree removal in Orlando.  Contact us to hear about our range of quality tree services and book your consultation today.

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