When to Remove a Tree from Your Yard

When to Remove a Tree from Your Yard

When to Remove a Tree from Your Yard

Are you wondering whether it's right to treat an unsightly tree or remove it entirely from your yard?  Are you looking to enhance your curb appeal by also removing trees?  When it comes to tree removal in Orlando, you want to trust the professionals to take care of your trees for you.  Tree removal can enhance your yard, keep all your landscaping clean, and even protect your home from potential damages.  There are a few key reasons why you may want to consider removing a tree from your yard.

Tree Branches Hang Over Your Roof

If you have noticed that your tree branches have been hanging over your roof, it may be time for you to remove that specific tree.  Tree branches that hang over your roof pose a hazard to your roof.  If a storm rolls through with heavy winds or rains, they could potentially cause that could cause expensive damage to your roof structure or even cause roof collapse, which can damage your entire home.

Your Tree is Obviously Dead

You will want to quickly remove any tree that is clearly dead.  When there is no longer any new growth or the tree shows signs of decay, it is dead.  Dead trees should be removed quickly so that it doesn't pose any danger to your home or your yard.  Dead trees can bring disease and infestations that are easy to spread around your home.

Fungi is Growing Around Your Tree

Have you noticed that many mushrooms have been growing around the trunk of your tree?  This issue could potentially indicate that your tree has an infestation or is suffering from disease.  If you continue to let the issue grow, it can cause damage to other vegetation or even your entire property without proper control.  Removing the tree is the best line of defense.

Your Tree is Growing Too Close to a Target Object

Have you noticed that certain structures on your property may be at risk if a tree falls on it?  In Florida, trees can easily fall during hurricane season, which brings strong winds and heavy rain to the area.  Many people keep their trees far from their buildings, like sheds, pool houses, greenhouses, and homes.  They also keep trees away from their swimming pool to avoid any issues that can cost them a lot of money to repair or even rebuild.

These are some of the reasons why you may want to remove a tree from your yard.  Whether you are looking to enhance the safety of your home or property or you are looking to improve the appearance of your exterior, tree removal in Orlando can be beneficial for you.  Contact our professional tree experts to hear about the range of tree services we offer today.

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