Five Steps to Care for a Newly Planted Tree

Five Steps to Care for a Newly Planted Tree

Five Steps to Care for a Newly Planted Tree

Have you recently just planted trees in your yard?  Trees are typically easy to maintain throughout their lifetime, but they require some upkeep and care in order to start thriving when they are first planted.  When you trust the experts in trees for your tree needs, like your tree removal or tree trimming in Orlando, you can trust that they will take great care of your shrubs, trees, and other landscaping greenery.  However, many homeowners can also take care of newly planted trees on their own.  These are a few of the steps that you'll want to take to care for a tree after it is first planted.

Mulch around Your Tree

After you plant the tree according to the instructions from the tree species, you will want to cover the tree in heaping soil, and then place a liberal layer of soil on top.  This soil will help the tree retain its moisture, which can prevent it from drying out.  Newly planted trees require its roots to get plenty of water, and the mulch allows it all to seep down into the soil without evaporating or dispersing to nearby plants.

Water it Properly

Watering your tree is another critical step in maintaining a newly planted tree.  Take special attention to the instructions for your particular tree species, as each level of water differs.  Typically, you will need to water your trees liberally for the first week or two after it is planted.  The roots will need constant watering in order to take on new life in its new home.

Fertilize When Needed

Sometimes, your trees will need some extra nutrients to start thriving.  If the soil where you are planting your tree is not new or full of nutrients from composting, organic fertilizer, or other components, you will want to add fertilizer to the area.  This will prevent your tree from premature decay or even death.

Prune It

Pay attention to how your tree will need to be pruned once it begins to sprout new life.  Often times, trees will need to be pruned on a seasonal basis in order to allow it to thrive and gain new life.  Take the time to prune it correctly, as too much pruning can also result in tree death.

Watch for Signs

Anytime you notice that your tree is showing signs of dryness, decay, browning, or other symptoms that look strange, you will want to treat it appropriately.  This can indicate that your tree needs more nutrients, sunlight, or water to survive.

These are a few of the maintenance tips to follow when you first plant a tree.  Taking care of your trees in their early stages will allow them to thrive later on in live, which will require little to no maintenance.  If you need any tree services, such as tree removal or tree trimming in Orlando, contact the professionals at Drinkwater Tree to hear how we can help you today.

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