Five Tips to Cut Down a Tree Safely

Five Tips to Cut Down a Tree Safely

Five Tips to Cut Down a Tree Safely

Have you been eyeing up the trees in your yard that are obstructing your view?  Do you want to clear some of your property for other projects?  Cutting down trees clears room for other structures, like sheds, pools, and other yard features that you may be dreaming about.  However, when it comes time for tree removal in Orlando, you will want to follow a few safety tips.  These are a few tips from our pros to help you cut down your trees safely and properly.

Wear the Right Gear

Anytime you are operating heavy machinery, you need to take precaution by wearing the right gear.  Closed toed shoes, long pants, and goggles are essential to protecting yourself, your eyes, and your skin from any potential injuries when cutting down trees.

Estimate the Fall Zone

Trees may be taller than you first estimate, which means they will fall farther then you assumed.  Take the time to do the math and properly estimate the space you need for the fall of the tree.  This is typically referred to as the felling zone.  One of the best ways to measure this is to take an ax, close one eye, and backup until the handle of the ax is even with the top of the tree.  Always take a few extra steps back to leave some wiggle room.

Clear the Area

After you estimate the area, remove any hazards from the space to clear a path.  Trim any brush around the trunk of the tree, and always clear two escape routes in the opposing directions.  This provides you with a clear path in case anything dangerous occurs.  These paths should be at 45-degree angles in the opposite direction of the fall zone so you can reach safety.

Take Time to Study the Tree

Before you cut down the tree, you need to make sure that it is safe.  Look for a few features to ensure that it is ready to be cut down.  Dead branches that are trapped on other branches pose a threat that could result in injury when the branches fall as the tree falls.  Also, if the tree is leaning, you need to assume that the tree will fall in the direction it is leaning.  Make any corrections to allow for the safe and proper tree removal.

Get Some Help

Before you make the cut, you should have someone with you.  Never cut down a tree on your own.  When you have a buddy with you, they can alert you of anything awry as you start making the cut, and this can actually save your life.

These are a few of the steps you need to take to safely cut down trees in your yard.  When you are cutting down a tree that is too large or too crowded, it may be best to trust these jobs to the professionals.  Contact Drinkwater Tree to hear about our tree removal in Orlando and get your trees out of your yard today.

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