Four Shrub Trimming Tips from the Professionals

Four Shrub Trimming Tips from the Professionals

Four Shrub Trimming Tips from the Professionals

Are you wondering how to keep up with your landscaping?  Have you recently noticed that your trees and shrubs are overgrown or misshapen?  Once you notice this eyesore, it can't be unseen.  In fact, you may even already be calling us for shrub and tree trimming in Orlando.  When it comes to trimming your shrubs, you will want to follow a few steps in order to do so properly and safely.  Here are a few shrub-trimming tips from the professionals at Drinkwater Tree.

Know the Signs

Depending on the species and type of shrubs you have in your yard, you may need to take note of specific times that your plants need to be trimmed.  Some shrubs require annual pruning while others require specific timing.  Typically, spring-flowering shrubs need to be pruned after they flower to promote pollination, which allows them to flourish year-after-year.  Some plants require trimming in late winter in order to promote lush, new growth.

Know the Frequency

The frequency of tree and shrub trimming also varies from species to species, but there are some general guidelines that you should know about.  Typically, evergreen shrubs should be trimmed two or three times during their growing season, while other fast-growing shrubs need more maintenance.  These shrubs, like the forsythia, should be trimmed four to five times a year.   If you notice any dead or decaying branches, it is recommended to remove these at any time when you notice them.

Avoid Too Much or Too Little

Shrub trimming and pruning is a balancing act.  Trimming too frequently can stunt the growth of your shrub, while trimming too little can cause overgrowth.  As a rule of thumb, you should aim to trim your shrubs two to three times a year.  Although the timing will depend upon the species, it is typically best to trim while they are dormant in the late winter season.  Putting this reminder on your calendar will help to ensure that you prioritize the health and maintenance of your plants, which will boost your curb appeal and prolong their lifespan.

Trust the Professionals

Even with the right guidance, it can be difficult to know exactly how often and how to properly maintain your shrubs.  When you trust the professionals for your shrub and tree trimming in Orlando, you make sure that all of your landscaping is taken care of without worry.  At Drinkwater Tree, we provide routine trimming to ensure that your landscaping is beautiful and thriving.

These are a few important tips that will help you properly trim your shrubs.  As you follow these tips, you will notice that your shrubs will start to flourish, grow, and look beautiful.  Shrub and tree trimming in Orlando is a simple way to boost your overall curb appeal and maintain your overall property appearance.  Contact us to schedule your appointment today.

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