Four Tips to Follow When You Are Trimming Your Trees

Four Tips to Follow When You Are Trimming Your Trees

Four Tips to Follow When You Are Trimming Your Trees

Have you noticed tree limbs hanging over your roof or your yard structures?  Are you concerned that your tree limbs have been dying or not budding this year?  When you have dying trees or tree limbs that are no longer thriving, it may be time to remove them to allow for the tree to grow successfully.  As professionals in tree trimming in Orlando, we help many homeowners take care of all their tree needs, from planting to trimming to removal.  There are a few tips you should follow when it comes to trimming your trees.

Remove Any Dead or Dying Branches

One of the first and most simple trimming tasks you need to do is to remove any dead or dying branches.  This will prevent any potential issues with insects or bug infestations.  Diseases and insects are drawn to dead trees, and this can eventually lead to tree death.  Once they infest the plant, they will eventually eat away at any of the healthy wood.

Avoid the Main Trunk

Many people that trim their own trees make their cut too close to their tree trunks.  This actually causes problems, because it removes the tree collar, which is a layer of tissues that is used to heal any wounds.  When you trim your tree, you will see a callous or swelling that will work to cut off the branch from the outside world.  This prevents any potential diseases from spreading throughout the tree.

Don't Over Prune Your Trees

As a rule of thumb, you should never trim off more than 20% off your tree at one time.  This is a good way to make sure that you don't remove too many of the leaves that can bring in carbon dioxide to make your tree thrive.  Many people often over prune their trees because they are looking to let sunshine in the branches of a crowded tree line.  However, it is actually better to remove full trees to let the other trees grow healthier over time.

Avoid Removing the Tops of Trees

Many people assume that trimming their trees can be done by simply hacking off the top of the trees.  However, this couldn't be more wrong.  When you are trimming your trees, you want to inspect trees for branches that are longer than many others, and trim those.  Also, remove any unsightly or potentially dying branches so that you don't have to worry about these ones.  If you just take all the branches off the top, you will end up with an unsightly or ugly tree.

These are a few of the best tree trimming techniques that can be used so that your trees can thrive and grow for many years.  Before you trim your trees, we urge that you look at the specific instructions for your tree species to ensure that you are properly handling and treating that tree.  As professionals in tree trimming in Orlando, we are here to help.  Contact us to schedule your tree trimming appointment with us today.

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