Four Tree Care Tips When You First Plant Your Trees

Four Tree Care Tips When You First Plant Your Trees

Four Tree Care Tips When You First Plant Your Trees

Are you concerned with the appearance of certain trees on your property?  Do you notice issues with dead or decaying trees, broken limbs, or even trees with stunted growth?  Although it may seem easy, trees require a few things in order to grow healthily over the years.   By working with the right professionals who specialize in services related to tree trimming or tree removal in Orlando, you will be able to keep your trees alive and thriving for longer.  These are a few of the tree maintenance tips you will want to follow to keep your trees healthy.

Plant in the Right Location

Are you about to plant a new tree in your yard?  Before you start to dig the hole, you will want to take special notice of any instructions and care required for the tree.  Typically, the landscaping company that sells you the tree will give you some basic information on how to properly plant, such as spacing and water required.  Providing the tree with the right location, sunshine, and water will help it thrive.

Water Properly

You will also want to pay attention to the amount of water that the plant needs, especially in the first days after you plant it.  Often times, trees will require a liberal amount of water throughout its first few weeks, and then it may never need you to water it again.  Once the tree roots into the ground, it will be able to get the nutrients it needs from the soil.  

Add Mulch

Mulch is always a great material to place on top of the soil when you first plant a tree.  This will help the soil retain the water, which will ultimately allow more water to reach the roots of your tree.  By mulching, you protect the soil and the nutrients inside, leading the tree to gain more of what it needs to grow and thrive.

Fertilize Soil

When you first plant a tree, you will want to use soil that is rich in nutrients so that the tree can grow and thrive.  If the existing soil doesn't have plenty of nutrients, you can supplement by adding fertilizer that is specific to the needs of your tree.  Be sure to take notice of the types of fertilizer on the market and choose one that supplies your tree with everything it needs to grow.  You may also want to use peat moss or nutrient-rich soil in addition to the soil in the ground to provide a healthy mixture.

These are just a few of the tips to follow to maintain the health of your trees.  When you live on land with many trees or you have concerning trees in your yard, you will want to know how to take proper care of your trees to keep them in optimal shape.  Contact the professionals in tree removal in Orlando to hear more today.

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