Four Tree Trimming Tips You Need to Follow

Four Tree Trimming Tips You Need to Follow

Four Tree Trimming Tips You Need to Follow

Have you noticed that your tree limbs are becoming overgrown or unhealthy?  Have you recently planted new trees that require pruning to thrive?  Trees are typically easy to maintain over their lifespan, but they do require some simple maintenance and care to grow and mature.  With the right tips for tree trimming in Orlando, your landscaping, trees, and shrubs will start to thrive and grow.  These are a few tips and tricks from the professionals in the business that you should start following today.

Take Notice of the Size

Before you take your trimmers to your tree branches, take notice of the size of your branches.  As a rule of thumb, you should avoid cutting any branches that are over five inches in diameter.  These branches are typically too mature to remove, and this can actually end up being more detrimental to the health of your tree.  Try to remove branches before they reach this size.  The only time you should ever remove branches that are over ten inches in diameter is if they pose a risk to the safety of the area.  For example, if the tree limbs are hanging over a structure or pose a risk of breaking your windows, you will want to remove them no matter the size.

Trim Branches with Angles

Do you notice that the limbs of your tree tend to be branching out in a V-shaped angle?  This issue indicates that these branches should be trimmed.  Typically, you will want your tree branches to grow in a U-shape, as this indicates that branches are strong and can stand on their own.  When you see a V-shaped angle, you can easily trim these weaker branches away, as they are more likely to fall off or even lead to damaging the tree anyways.

Do the Work when Branches are Young

Young branches are easier to trim, as they are not as large in size as the more matured and aged tree limbs.  When you notice that a tree branch is growing towards structures or hanging over yard decorations, you should remove it before it grows too large in size.  This will make the job much easier and it will cause less shock and damage to the tree and to your home.  

Hire the Professionals

If you are concerned about the health of your trees or the safety of your surroundings, it is best to trust the professionals to take care of your tree trimming in Orlando.  We have the right equipment and expertise to ensure that your trees are going to be taken care of safely and properly.  Trusting the professionals is the best way to make sure that the job gets done right the first time, because when it comes to tree trimming, there is no re-do.  

These are just a few of the tips that you need to follow when you want to trim your trees so they stay healthy and thrive. 

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