Four Ways to Add Privacy to Your Property

Four Ways to Add Privacy to Your Property

Four Ways to Add Privacy to Your Property

Are you tired of neighbors interrupting your backyard BBQs?  Do you want to enjoy the relaxation of your own backyard without worrying about the neighbors?  Suburban communities and busy residential neighborhoods often do not leave much room for you to get much of your own privacy in your backyard.  When you work with the right tree experts for planting and tree trimming in Orlando, you can enhance the curb appeal and add privacy to your yard.  These are a few ways to add privacy to your yard.

Plant Trees

A simple way to add privacy to your yard is to plant a tree line along your property.  Tall and slim trees and shrubs that grow quickly are among the most popular privacy element in many residential communities.  These tree lines create a unique and appealing border between properties that still allow some traffic to flow through but provide a sense of security and privacy along your property line.

Install a Fence

Fences provide the ultimate level of privacy in residential communities, as they require you to allow traffic both in and out of your yard.  When you install a fence around your property, you have the ability to choose the level of privacy.  You can choose and adjust the distance between fence posts to provide maximum privacy, which is great for when you want to create a backyard oasis for only you to enjoy.  Fences are also popular for those who want to enjoy the privacy of their own swimming pool without worrying about being disturbed by anyone who passes by on a hot day.

Build a Pergola or Gazebo

Yard structures are both functional for entertaining spaces and enhance the privacy of your space.  When you want to add more dynamic and purpose to your backyard, you may want to add some structures, like pergolas, pool houses, and gazebos.  These structures will not only be unique features in your yard, but they also create height and coverage that will add privacy to your space.  When you hang out under these structures, you will feel like you have your own tiny oasis.

Use Curtains

If you have a roof over your patio or deck, consider also adding curtains to enhance the level of privacy. Curtains are great for still allowing a fresh breeze to flow through your outdoor space but get the level of privacy to feel comfortable taking a nap or relaxing without interruption.  These are also inexpensive additions to your outdoor space that are easy to install.

These are a few simple ways that you can add privacy to your property.  When you live in a residential community or a busy neighborhood, you may want to add some trees to your yard to enhance the appearance and add some much-needed privacy.  Contact our experts in tree trimming in Orlando to hear about all our quality tree services today.

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