Four Ways Your Trees Can Damage Your Property

Four Ways Your Trees Can Damage Your Property

Four Ways Your Trees Can Damage Your Property

Are you concerned that one of your trees is diseased?  Are you worried about a tree in your yard that is growing too large?  Certain issues may cause your trees to damage your property, especially when you live in areas that are prone to heavy wind storms or hurricanes.  As a company that specializes in tree removal in Orlando, we help many residents keep their trees healthy and yards safe from potential issues.  There are a few ways that trees can damage your property, regardless of if a storm is headed your way or not.

Roof Collapse

One of the main concerns of residents in Florida is that their trees will fall on their rooftops and cause collapse.  This can happen when your trees grow too tall and are too close to your home.  Also, many people will need to think about other structures in their yard, like greenhouses or sheds.  Be sure to keep trees from hanging over these structures or getting too tall, as high winds can cause these to fall and cause major damage to your roof.

Yard Litter

When your trees become unsightly or even start decaying, they will start to break off and this may cause issues.  You will want to get used to picking up sticks, twigs, branches, and leaves from your yard.  Eventually, this may become a nuisance, especially when it comes to completely yard maintenance projects, like mowing the lawn.

Insect Infestations

When you leave a stump in your yard for too long or you have dead or decaying trees, you may cause insect infestations on your property.  This can occur when the insects make their homes inside the decaying wood and start to eat away at the remainder of the tree.  Even though this may not seem to cause too much concern, as these trees are already dying, you must remember that they will eventually work their way into the healthy wood on your property.  They may eventually start to eat away at healthy trees, fences, or even siding on your home.

Pool Damage

Trees that blow around your yard during hurricane season can also cause damage to your pool.  Even during a nice, breezy afternoon, trees can cause issues to your pool.  Leaves, blooms, twigs, and other small tree parts may find their way into your pool and eventually clog your filter.  This can leave you with expensive repairs to your pool equipment.  All of this can be avoided by making sure that you plant the right trees close to your pool and that you treat your trees to remove any issues before they become major.

These are just a few of the ways that trees can cause damage to your property.  Even if you don't predict that a storm is coming or you assume that you are safe, you should have your large or potentially diseased trees checked out by the professionals.  Contact our professional company for tree removal in Orlando and other related tree services today.

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