Tree Removal Basics

Tree Removal Basics

Tree Removal Basics

Trees provide protection from the elements, privacy, and beauty to a property. They are some of nature’s most beautiful works of art, offering comfort, beauty, and sometimes even sustenance. Tree removal can be an emotional experience. Trees can often become family to us when we wake up to see them every day and watch them grow and blossom year after year. However, tree removal is vital when a compromised tree becomes a risk to safety and property. Removing a tree should be left to a professional tree removal service or arborist when the time comes, as they are trained to do the job safely and properly. Experts offer the following signs of a dead tree and who to contact for advice when it requires removal.

Knowing when a tree needs to be removed

Tree diagnosis is not always cut and dry. Keeping your property safe from the risks of a dead or dying tree requires the attention of you and an arborist.
A dead tree is not always obvious. The first step of diagnosis is to scratch away small pieces of bark from a few of the tree twigs. Your tree may be a problem if the twig is dry and brown where you removed the bark. At this point, it is important to continue investigating for further signs that your tree has died, including:

  • Mushroom growth at the tree base
  • Trunk cracks and peeling or chipped bark
  • Trunk cavities and branches with scaffold
  • Hanging or dead branches near the crown of the tree
  • Thinner twigs lacking live buds on the end of branches that do not produce leaves in spring.

If any of these symptoms are apparent, it is crucial to contact a trained professional for advice about possible tree removal in Orlando. A tree risk assessment can confirm whether you need to move forward with tree removal or if saving your tree is a possibility.

Tree removal

When you seek the advice of a tree removal specialist, they will closely inspect the tree, determine if there is a need for removal, and provide you with a cost estimate for the removal services if needed.

It can be dangerous to remove a tree without experience. Removing a tree on your own is especially dangerous when ladders are involved. Tree removal specialists are accustomed to climbing ladders with heavy tools to down a tree. People without proper training risk falling, cutting themselves, or getting struck by part of the tree while cutting it away. It is not uncommon for people to get severely injured or die when cutting down their trees. However, a licensed, insured, and well-educated tree removal specialist knows how to get the job done safely and effectively.

Drink Water Tree Service is your source for licensed and insured tree removal, tree trimming, debris removal, and stump grinding. Our family-owned company has the experience and expertise to get the job done safely and effectively. We value safety and quality above all else and refuse to compromise either in any way. We offer excellence in all aspects of communication, coordination, safety, and quality control. Contact us today for more information on tree removal in Orlando.

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