Why Stump Grinding is Right for You

Why Stump Grinding is Right for You

Why Stump Grinding is Right for You

Stump grinding can improve the look and function of your property. Unfortunately, tree removal does not automatically include stump removal, though many companies offer it at a cost. Stump grinding in Orlando allows efficient and safe removal of a tree stump so that the area can be repurposed for your needs and preferences. Our experts give you a closer look at the purpose of stump grinding and an overview of the process required for proper tree stump removal.

What is a stump grinder?

Tree companies use highly technological equipment for the stump grinding process. This equipment comes in the form of heavy machinery that requires the training and experience only found in a stump removal specialist. A stump grinding machine has a powerful gasoline engine, a hydraulic arm mechanism, and a steel wheel for cutting into the stump. The end of the hydraulic arm holds the cutting wheel, which is known for having extremely sharp teeth fashioned from steel. The efficient high-speed wheel is designed for grinding and cutting through the existing tree stump.

The stump grinding process

The stump grinder teeth chew away at the wood stump left behind after tree removal. The powerful rotating wheel rips into the wood surface as it turns. The stump wood is chopped down into small pieces by the sharp teeth. The stump is ground down under the ground level with the operator's help guiding the blade over the entire stump surface.

Stump grinding benefits

When looking for the most effective and efficient form of stump removal, stump grinding is the way to go. Safety risks and hazards associated with exposed tree stumps are eliminated using stump grinding. Stump grinding can also ensure that a tree will not grow back, as they are known for doing on occasion. In addition, removing tree stumps can ensure that pests like snakes, ants, termites, and bees do not have a welcoming place to set up their homes. Finally, stump grinding is a much better option than stump removal because it makes less of an impact on your property's landscaping.

Stump grinding vs. stump removal

Many tree services offer multiple options for dealing with pesky tree stumps. Some property owners prefer to leave tree stumps to decay and decompose naturally, but the process takes many years and always leaves the risk of attracting insects or having the tree grow back. You can also remove tree stumps from the ground by digging them out, but this often leaves deep holes in the land that require filling in. The benefit of stump grinding over stump removal is that it does not leave a massive hole, and the leftover wood grindings can be used for landscaping mulch after.

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