Tree Removal

There are a number of unfortunate reasons for a tree to need to be removed: sometimes it is infringing on a structure or breaking cement, sometimes however, nature is just taking its course. When making decisions regarding removal it is important to understand what exactly happens to the tree as it begins the process of dying to better grasp the importance of action as soon as possible when that time has come. Removal is called for when the structural integrity of the tree is compromised. It begins to lose first smaller, and then the much larger branches and limbs. The order or severity of limbs dropping can be guessed at, but never exactly known when concerning timelines for the tree. Root systems may also begin to deteriorate, making the tree susceptible to falling in minimal or no wind. Age, disease, and storm damage are all reasons a tree may be a candidate for removal. The “death” of a tree can take months or even years, with the deciding factor on removal often being the level of risk the property owner is willing to take on before action is required. Periodically having a professionals opinion on the health of your trees, as well as maintenance is always recommended, and Drinkwater Tree Service is happy to oblige!

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