Tree Trimming

Care for trees is an important part of property maintenance. Periodic thinning throughout the tree ensures airflow and elevation of lower limbs decreases drag on the tree during high winds. Our rule of thumb is if you can see clear sky when looking through your tree, you’re in good shape. If you can’t, it will want to catch wind like a kite. Needed every few years depending on the tree, this also helps with the amount of debris the tree drops seasonally. Sometimes selective pruning is required to remove large limbs close to or over structures or areas where people congregate. It is important to keep balance in mind, and that is always better to trim the entirety of a tree all at once.Where storm damage has occurred and limbs have broken in an otherwise healthy tree, clean cuts can be made in the damaged areas to encourage healing and new growth, giving the tree the best chance possible for a long life.

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